Basho Data Platform

Basho Data Platform (BDP) builds on Riak KV (Riak) to support your data-centric services. Ensure your application is highly available and scalable by leveraging BDP features such as:

BDP reduces the complexity of integrating and deploying the components of your technology stack, providing Riak KV in-product, NoSQL databases, caching, real-time analytics, and search. These features are required in order to run distributed active workloads across applications; BDP controls the replication and synchronization of data between components while also providing cluster management.


Basho Data Platform is largely open source, but some features are only available with an Enterprise license. Those features will be marked as (Enterprise only).

Supported Operating Systems

Basho Data Platform supports the following operating systems:

BDP also supports the following OSes for development:

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BDP has a variety of features and commands available for you to use. Learn more about them here.

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