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Installing Riak from Source

    Riak should be installed from source if you are building on a platform for which a package does not exist or you are interested in contributing to Riak.


    Riak requires Erlang R15B01. Note: don't use Erlang version R15B02 or R15B03, for the moment, as it causes an error with riak-admin status commands.

    If you do not have Erlang already installed, see Installing Erlang. Don't worry, it's easy!

    Riak depends on source code located in multiple Git repositories; ensure that Git is also installed on the target system before attempting the build.

    Riak will not compile with Clang. Please make sure your default C/C++ compiler is GCC.


    The following instructions generate a complete, self-contained build of Riak in $RIAK/rel/riak where $RIAK is the location of the unpacked or cloned source.

    Installing from source package

    Download the Riak source package from the Download Center and build:

    curl -O
    tar zxvf riak-1.3.0.tar.gz
    cd riak-1.3.0
    make rel
    If you see the error fatal: unable to connect to see the following instructions for building on systems with no internet availability

    Installation on Closed Networks

    The error fatal: unable to connect to when building from source is caused by building on a system with no network connection to Github. Either the port is turned off for security reasons, or the source build is happening on a computer with no outside internet access. To rectify this problem, an additional file will need to be deployed along with the source tarball.

    Download the following leveldb archive for Riak version 1.3.0:

    The instructions going forward will assume Riak 1.3.0, replace the appropriate file for your version.

    Deploy the file to the system with the build error and run the following commands.

    $ mv 1.3.0 riak-1.3.0/deps/eleveldb/c_src/
    $ cd riak-1.3.0/deps/eleveldb/c_src/
    $ unzip
    $ mv basho-leveldb-* leveldb
    $ cd ../../
    $ cp -R lager riaknostic/deps
    $ cp -R getopt riaknostic/deps
    $ cp -R meck riaknostic/deps
    $ cd ../
    $ make rel

    Installing from GitHub

    The Riak Github repository has much more information on building and installing Riak from source. To clone and and build Riak from source, follow these steps:

    Clone the repository using Git and build:

    git clone git://
    cd riak
    make rel

    Platform Specific Instructions

    For instructions about specific platforms, see:

    If you are running Riak on a platform not in the list above and need some help getting it up and running, join The Riak Mailing List and inquire about it there. We are happy to help you get up and running with Riak.


    Riak is not currently supported on Microsoft Windows.

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