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Help and Community

There is a vibrant and fast-growing community forming around Riak. Whether you need help or simply want to get involved, we are easy to contact.


Mailing List

The Riak Users Mailing List is highly trafficked and a great resource for technical discussions, Riak issues and questions, and community events and announcements.


Basho uses GitHub for the development of all of our code and we also make use of GitHub for the submission and integration of all internal code and community pull requests.

Basho also maintains a frequently updated page of community-developed projects, including GUIs, backup tools, and more.

Riak on IRC

The #riak IRC room on is a great place for realtime help with your Riak issues and questions.

The Basho Blog

Members of the Basho Team blog frequently on The Basho Blog.

The Riak Recap

The Riak Recap is a periodic email to the Riak Users Mailing List to keep list subscribers up-to-date on what’s happening in and around the Riak Community.

Riak Function Contrib

Riak Function Contrib is a home for community contributed MapReduce, Pre- and Post-Commit Hook, and utility functions.

Riak on Facebook

We have a Facebook Page where you can get involved.

Riak on LinkedIn

There is also a Riak Group on LinkedIn.


You can watch all the Riak screencasts and other videos that Basho publishes on the Basho Vimeo Page.


If you're looking for assistance getting a meetup or user group started in your area, or want to tell the community about one that you're starting, email

Here's a list of the current Meetups:

Community Processes


These pages contain videos, slides, and publications from the community and Riak developers.

Professional Support

If you run into an issue you just can't crack, Basho sells support for Riak, as well as licenses for Riak Enterprise. Please contact Basho at any time for more information.