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PBC Set Client ID

Set the client id for this connection. A library may want to set the client id if it has a good way to uniquely identify actors across reconnects. This will reduce vector clock bloat.

Client IDs in 1.0

All requests to Riak <1.0 or Riak 1.0 without vnode_vclocks enabled should set the Client ID, which can be any string that uniquely identifies the client, for purposes of tracing object modifications in the vector clock.


message RpbSetClientIdReq {
    required bytes client_id = 1; // Client id to use for this connection


Just the RpbSetClientIdResp message code.



Hex      00 00 00 07 05 0A 04 01 65 01 B6
Erlang <<0,0,0,7,5,10,4,1,101,1,182>>

RpbSetClientIdReq protoc decode:
client_id: "001e001266"


Hex      00 00 00 01 06
Erlang <<0,0,0,1,6>>

RpbSetClientIdResp - only message code defined