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Monitoring and Metrics

Riak CS provides operational statistics that can be useful for monitoring through the Folsom statistics library, and initial probes for analysis of the running system with DTrace.

Operational Statistics

Much like Riak, Riak CS exposes statistics on critical operations that are commonly used for monitoring, alerting, and trend analysis. These statistics can be accessed through HTTP requests to the following resource:

Note on signed requests

In order to access statistics from the /stats endpoint, you must issue signed requests containing the admin user's access key and secret key. The interface used by Riak CS is directly analogous to that of Amazon S3. For more information on signed requests, see Amazon's documentation.

Unsigned requests will yield a 403 Forbidden error.

That will return a JSON object containing a series of latency histograms and counters for a variety of operations, e.g. object_get and block_put. Alongside each operation there will be a list showing the count and rate for the operation, as well as a latency histogram showing mean, median, and 95th and 99th percentiles:

<operation_name>: [MeterCount, MeterRate, LatencyMean, LatencyMedian, Latency95, Latency99]

You will see a list of that form for each of the following operations:

Operation Description
block_get Total BLOCK GET operations performed
block_put Total BLOCK GET operations performed
block_delete Total BLOCK DELETE operations performed
service_get_buckets Total GET BUCKETS operations performed
bucket_list_keys Total BUCKET LIST KEYS operations performed
bucket_create Total BUCKET CREATE operations performed
bucket_delete Total BUCKET DELETE operations performed
bucket_get_acl Total BUCKET GET ACL operations performed
bucket_put_acl Total BUCKET PUT ACL operations performed
object_get Total GET operations performed
object_put Total PUT operations performed
object_head Total OBJECT HEAD operations performed
object_delete Total OBJECT DELETE operations performed
object_get_acl Total OBJECT GET ACL operations performed
object_put_acl Total OBJECT PUT ACL operations performed

DTrace Probes

Riak CS is built with some probes for use with DTrace to inspect certain operations in the live system, which can be helpful in diagnosing issues.

Usage Examples

The following are examples of using DTrace for inspecting various components of a running Riak CS installation.

Trace User Object Requests

dtrace -qn 'erlang*:::user_trace* /arg2 == 703/ {printf("pid %s: mod %s op %s: user %s bucket/file %s\n", copyinstr(arg0), copyinstr(arg6), copyinstr(arg7), copyinstr(arg8), copyinstr(arg9));}'

Trace Webmachine Resource Execution

dtrace -qn 'erlang*:::user_trace* /arg2 == 705/ {printf("pid %s: %s:%s\n", copyinstr(arg0), copyinstr(arg6), copyinstr(arg7));}'
Note on DTrace Support

Work on packaging of Riak CS for SmartOS and other operating systems with DTrace support is ongoing with the goal of providing enhanced ability to diagnose low-level issues in instances of Riak CS running on such operating systems.