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Configuring Transmit

Transmit is an S3-compatible client with a graphical user interface for Mac OS X. The following guide describes configuration of Transmit for use with Riak CS.

S3 support was added in Transmit version 4.4, so ensure that you’re following along with a version that supports S3 before continuing.

Define a Connection

When Transmit is started, a new connection window appears. Ensure that you've selected the S3 tab, then complete the details in the Connect to S3 dialog as follows:

Defining a connection looks like this:

Trasmit screenshot

Transmit expects a secure connection, so ensure that your Riak CS proxy server is configured with SSL support. For information on configuring a software solution like HAProxy with SSL for use with Riak CS, see Load Balancing and Proxy Configuration.

Finally, test the connection to Riak CS by clicking Connect.

Create a Bucket

After successfully connecting to Riak CS, verify that you can create a bucket.

  1. From the File menu, select New Bucket…
  2. In the bucket creation dialog, enter the name of the new bucket
  3. Click Create

The new bucket creation dialog looks like this:

Trasmit screenshot

The newly created bucket is listed in the right hand pane of the Transmit interface:

Trasmit screenshot

Copy Files

Now that you've created a bucket, you can perform a basic file copy test.

Double-click the bucket icon in the right hand pane of the Transmit interface to access the bucket.

Drag and drop one or more files to the right hand pane to initiate copying of the files to the bucket.

After copying, the files will appear in the bucket:

Trasmit screenshot

You have now successfully configured a Transmit connection to Riak CS and verified basic file copying capabilities.