Download Riak 2.0 RC1

Launching and Stopping Riak CS

To launch Riak CS in the background, enter:

sudo riak-cs start

To run Riak CS with an interactive Erlang console:

sudo riak-cs console

When Riak CS is running, the Riak CS process appears in the process list. To check for the Riak CS process, enter:

ps -ef | grep riak-cs

To stop Riak CS, enter:

sudo riak-cs stop

You can use the command

sudo riak-cs attach

to attach and obtain an interactive console to a running instance of Riak CS.

You can check the liveness of your Riak CS installation with the riak-cs ping command, which should return pong if Riak CS is up and able to successfully communicate with Riak.

riak-cs ping
The riak-cs ping command will fail if the Riak CS node is not able to communicate with the supporting Riak node. Ensure that all components of the Riak CS system are running before checking liveness with riak-cs ping.