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Riak CS Storage API

There are two storage API options for Riak CS. The first and most fully featured is the S3 API. There is also limited but improving support for the OpenStack Object Storage API.

Riak CS can present different APIs by using the URL-rewriting capabilities of Webmachine. Configuring what API Riak CS uses is done by specifying the proper rewrite module in the configuration file. A rewrite module contains a set of rules for translating requests made using a particular API to requests in the native Riak CS API. The native API was designed to facilitate the organization and maintenance of the Riak CS Webmachine resource modules.


Openstack Object Storage API (v1)

Selecting an API is done by adding or changing the rewrite_module key in the Riak CS app.config file. For example, to instruct Riak CS to present the S3 API, ensure the following is contained in the app.config in the riak_cs section:

{rewrite_module, riak_cs_s3_rewrite}

The S3 API is the default that is set in the configuration that is included when installing a Riak CS package or building from source.

More details for each option can be found by following one of the following links: